Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sick again

I am convinced that this baby hates me. Maybe she's still mad that I cried at her ultrasound. Maybe she's mad that she still doesn't really have a name. Maybe she's mad that we are bringing her into this sad sad world. I don't know what she is so upset about, but I am sure she hates me. This is my fourth, and most likely final, pregnancy. I want to enjoy it. How can I do that when I spend every waking moment feeling like crap. I am sick yet again. I am never really sick. I think every virus in the world has called each other up and devised a plan to make up for not attacking me the other 23 years of my life. Laura just brought me home from work because I threw up in our room. Nothing like vomiting with curious 1-year-old bystanders. My face in the trash can and my arms holding back babies. I wish I could have seen their faces. I woke up late and was late to work and things were crazy all morning, as they normally are. I thought I just needed to eat, so I did. Oops. Water and Bagel are not the worst things that could come back up I guess. Now that I am home I feel like I should be doing something useful though. There's always laundry to do and a dishwasher to load. I have had a headache for days on end and now I am puking again. I just want to feel good. One day at least. I have a test tonight in my advanced physio class. I can't miss it. I did way to poorly on the first one I need to make an attempt at not failing this class horribly. I don't think I will succeed, but I have to try. I need a vacation and the one I am supposed to get in November I can't afford. Life sure is a big fat comedian.

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