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Today's review and giveaway featured MY cloth training pants.

*REVIEW* - Baltic Amber Necklace

Somehow I managed to make it through 5 children before having a cranky teether. Charlotte has been teething off and on for a few months. You can always tell when her teeth are bothering her. She turns into a little drooling, crabby, screaming monster. As of today, she has 8 teeth and we have managed to survive this phase of her life. So far she has only had her two front teeth on the bottom, but her behavior leads me to believe they will have company soon.

When she was going through her last tough battle with teeth, I bought a baltic amber necklace from a WAHM business I came across on facebook. I had seen that these teething necklaces were out there, and you would think that my normal hippie-like self would have jumped at something not-so-mainstream....

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