Monday, September 8, 2008

Well Child Visits

Today I took the kids for their well child check-ups. Sophia was very brave and went first. She used to be so afraid of the doctor, but now she is so funny just talking to him and being so big. She is the only one who did not leave with the official clean bill of health though. She left with a nice referral to an ENT, or ear doctor. He said her ears looked pretty bad and was pretty stunned when I said she hadn't had tubes, excessive ear infections, or any obvious problems. (I guess now we know why the water hurt her ears so much at the retreat though) He kinda fumbled over what to even say, but basically said they didn't look normal and that she should see an ear doctor. He said sometimes the ear drums can get holes and they just repair themselves, but he wants her to see an ENT just to be sure we don't miss something. So basically, I don't really know what's wrong with them, just that they aren't normal and we have to go to another doctor to find out why.

Simeon and Alice were both poster children of health. Alice got her last round of shots and Sophia got her Kindergarten shots. She wasn't all too happy about this, but she got over it quickly. She was so nervous waiting for them to come in and kept saying she wanted her Mamaw. We tried to call just for her sake, I knew we'd never get through. She settled on talking to daddy on the phone. I had told her that she only had to get one, I truely thought this, but then the doctor told us she had to get two. Then, the dtp/hib is now two separate ones and so she actually had to get three. She cried so hard that Simeon got scared and cried too. Alice got the same shots, so three also. Three lovely crying children. We got happy meals for dinner on the way home and now they're all just fine. Hey if nothing else, maybe Sophia will sleep good tonight.

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Mike and Lisa Bowling said...

Sorry to hear about your visit to the doctor. don't let it scare you about Sophia's ears. Probably the eardrums have burst a couple of times. Nothing new for the Bowlings. I'm sure thats why she cried at the retreat. Tell her Mamaw and Papaw miss her, as well as the whole family. Love you.