Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kick-Off Sunday

It is offically football season and you can always tell at the Bowling house. Bunch of guys sitting around, eating lots of food, and yelling at the TV. What's better than that? Well, honestly, I can think of many, many, many things that are better, but this particular thing makes my husband happy and so I endure it.

The guys all showed up right on time and sat cramped around our small living room to watch the Steelers first game together. Clifford drove up from Louisville so he didn't have to watch the game alone.
We made way too much food as usual. Chicken wings and pizza rolls, chips and cheesy salsa, deviled eggs, potato salad, and Doritos. A lunch where nutrition was clearly not a priority.

Alice was not very happy with the entire arrangement. They put all that food on the coffee table right at her level and then refused to let her play in it!
Can you believe how mean those guys are?

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