Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crazy Toe

Ah yes, we haven't had a good ER visit in a while. Why not take one now. Seems like a good time. Around 10pm, infected toe. Ah yes, perfect conditions.

Jacob's big toe, or Crazy Toe as he likes to call it, has been messed up for a while now. The nail fell off at one point and then grew back, but it has never been the same. It's ugly as snot for one. Not that anybody's big toe is cute, but his is weird. Somehow it got infected and it was hurting him so bad last night. A 9.436 on the 10pt pain scale is what he told me. We went to Methodist and the doctor had to drain it. It was so cool. They numbed up his toe with a huge needle and judging by Jacob's actions, I would say it hurt pretty freakin bad. She then had to cut along the cuticle line and it took a while, but finally the pus all burst out. It was nasty. I was trying to take video of it on Jacob's phone but I started to have a panic attack right there in the room and threw up into my hand. I could not believe it. Stuff like that NEVER makes me sick. I blame pregnancy because it always seems like a good excuse. That and the fact that I was already not feeling well. Yeah. that's it. The nurses were totally making fun of me though. Oh well. He's feeling a lot better today. It's sore and he has to soak it two-three times a day. They said he caught it in enough time that he didn't even need antibiotics. He said it hurt so bad he doesn't know how anyone couldn't have gone in right away. We always have to worry about him and infections unfortunately and so I am glad that it didn't get too bad.

I overslept this morning and was almost an hour late to work because I was up way too late at the hospital. Thanks to Deanna for coming in for me and letting me go home to rest. I also was able to go to the store which I was going to have to do after class tonight so I am thankful I don't have to do that. I found jeans on clearance for $5 and bought two pair each for Sophia and Nanzi for their birthday on Friday. They also got shirts to complete the ensemble. I got Nanzi a little cabbage patch doll like I got Soph and I found some really neat Mead workbooks for the both of them. I also bought them cupcakes for school on Friday so they are all set. I like that Sophie shares her birthday with a friend. I hope they continue to like it as they get older.


Mike and Lisa Bowling said...

You guys can't stay out of the hospital. I'm sure Jake has shared this story with Josh. Sounds like his trip years ago when he was in high school. Don't forget I have presents for Sophia and Nanzi upstairs at my house. My hour is up(internet at the library in Bundoran) Love you.

Nathan, Amanda, Violet and Anara said...

I almost puked into my hand just reading about that toe pus.