Saturday, July 26, 2008


Short tempered.





Having a bad day.

As I have been cleaning tonight I thought I would take a break to write out some things I love in the midst of things that have me down.

I love my husband.
My three awesome children, even when they're dirty from playing outside all day.
my siblings
I love my in-laws and all those married or birthed into that crazy family.
my church and everyone there
I love my dishwasher
my coat closet
my built-in fabric-a-holic storage spaces
I love my king sized bed. I love flannel sheets on it in the winter.
mountain dew
I love the color green.
I love sewing and knitting.
I love puzzle books... the variety ones with lots of different puzzles are my favorite.
I love daisies.
the smell of vanilla candles burning in someone's house when you walk through the front door
I love hardwood floors
ceiling fans
air conditioning
I love popscicles. The kind you freeze yourself. Yum.
I love the internet.
I love to dance and act on stage... I think I'd give anything for it.
I love birth
I love Taco Bell
I love to lay in bed, snuggled under the covers, with pillows all around

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