Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frustration takes all my energy away

Today has been a rather frustrating day. I woke up late and had to get ready for work quickly. I threw everything in my bag and raced to the bus stop. I don't mind riding the bus, but I hate running to the bus stop for fear that I am going to miss it, only to have it run behind schedule. I am out of breath and I still get to stand in the cold for 10 minutes. Oh well.

Today at work we moved all of our frozen meat and seafood around in the freezer. I can never really make anyone understand what this was like, because no one else knows what our freezer looks like, but it sucked. It was so so so so so cold in there. My arms are sore from heaving boxes up and down and here and there. We have inventory tomorrow and so we were "getting ready." It sucked. I am exhausted. I am frustrated that tomorrow we pretty much have to do it all over again to count everything in there. Also, my boss aggravates me. He comes up with all these great projects for "us" to do, and then I get stuck doing most of the work. It is rather annoying.

I want to balance my checkbook, but the one day I finally sit down, ready to get to it even though I hate it. The website is down. Ugh. I am not going to want to do this later. I want to do it now.

My mom got a fat child support check sent to her here from my dad's tax refund. I'd really like to take my brother to get some new shoes and things he might need, but she refuses to call us. I called her from my new number and when she called me back, she hung up on me when I answered. She turned off her phone so that I couldn't call her again. Wow. I didn't know I was the spawn of a 12 year old, but apparently I am. We have been calling her and texting her trying to get her to call us, and she won't. She's so immature and it's really sad. It pisses me off. She is such a pathetic loser hypocrit and all I want to do is have my life back, but no. I am too busy taking care of all of her responsibilities too. I can't do that well though if she doesn't help and I can't even get this money that is sitting right there, in check form, in my wallet. I so want to forge her name on the check and take it to the bank. I so don't want to go to jail though, so I guess I will continue this childish game of cat and mouse and hope that she will maybe answer her phone. Stupid. Sophia is more mature than she is. I am sure of it.

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