Friday, May 2, 2008

Dare to be trendy?

I always feel like blogging, but my life just seems too boring. What on earth do I have to talk about today? Um, I was off work today and so I laid in bed until 12:30 with kids all around me watching Playhouse Disney. Does this mean I get the worst mom of the day award?

I have been thinking about money a lot lately. I was thinking about the 20's and the Great Depression. Well, what I can remember about what I learned about it in school. Mostly that is just that the economy sucked, people lost their jobs, and no one had any money. I was wondering how close we are to something similar to this. I don't know a lot about economics or politics, but it just seems like things are getting out of control. Gas at 3.75 a gallon. Milk at 3.09 a gallon. Everything else is going up up up. It's crazy. How are the poor going to keep going if this keeps on the way it is going? We do okay, but it's getting frustrating to say the least, and I know there are people out there WAY worse off than us. It cost us almost $70 to fill up our van with gas. That is just impossible to believe sometimes.

I also feel like everyone is on this help-the-environment-bandwagon. Don't get me wrong. I think it's a step in the right direction. If people want to make doing the right thing a trend, then fine. At least it is being done. I am just wondering how long until there is something else cool to move on to? I hope that it doesn't happen that way, but you never know. I just think it is funny how things come in and out of style. Clothing trends seem to do that. Do you ever look at a store rack these days and think to yourself, "The 80's were bad the first time around, why in the name of God haven't people figured out it hasn't gotten any better?" I am just glad I am not expected to roll my jeans up tight to my ankles and feather my hair. I was able to get out of it the first time by being a toddler. :) Ah, life. What will it bring on next?

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