Friday, November 16, 2012


So, I am a slacker... sue me. I promise you won't get much.

Can you believe the holidays are upon us? Holy crap.

I am not usually big on holidays. A grinch, some may call me. I am okay with that. I have tried to be better, so that my children will have good memories, but I just really get in a funk this time of year. Hopefully, this year I can come out of that funk and spread holly, jolly cheer and all that other nonsense.

I have so many weeks to update that I am not sure I should bother. School is going fine for all. I got accepted into clinicals for January, so I might actually be a nurse some day. At my routine physical, I found out I have an enlarged thyroid, a thyroid cyst, and abnormal hormone levels. (Reason for being a grinch, maybe?) and I have to see endocrine next week to see if I need surgery or not. Based on the rate my neck is growing, I would say I will. Sophia has to go back to the ENT in December to get her ear drum repaired, as her hearing is beginning to become impacted. She also has to go to the eye doctor for some possible glasses. Simeon and Jacob (and the girls) are doing doing great health-wise *knock on wood*

We are going to see 'Seussical' at Footlite sometime in the next couple of weeks and we will also be going to see my niece in 'A Christmas Carol' at the IRT soon. I am pretty excited.

We are hosting Thanksgiving, since we are unable to go to the beach this year. The kids are disappointed, but I could go either way. Vacation for 7 is really just a lot of work for mom, so I am okay with staying home and cooking a turkey instead.

I joined the YMCA and Weight Watchers, and have lost 15 pounds so far. With the recent addition of thyroid issues, my celiac is confirmed and I know I will have to get on this gluten-free diet and stick with it. I will probably be at goal a lot sooner since I won't be able to eat anything good.

Hoping to revive the blog... I know you're excited. Stay tuned for more...

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