Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ramblings in the night

I have been feeling the flutters of what seems to be another human growing slowly within my woman parts. It's always so random I stop in my tracks and say "was that the baby?!" It must have been. Cool! Some day soon the not-quite-as-little darling will be kicking my ribs and I will have no memory of these flutters.

I have entered my second trimester and apart from the very large bump attached to my front I really have no complaints. I have not really felt pregnant that much. It's kinda a nice change of pace from wanting to hurl everything I've even looked at into the toilet. I am still pretty tired, though it's hard to make that complaint while typing a 2am blog entry. I have also began spending 1/3rd of my life in the restroom, but that surely has something to do with my well experienced extra stretched uterus sitting atop my delicate little bladder. I
really have enjoyed this pregnancy because I haven't been miserable. I hope that doesn't change too much as the weeks go on.

While I am here I must add the reason for my rambling at this hour. The obvious is I can't sleep, the reasoning is Jacob's follow-up with the hematologist/oncologist is tomorrow afternoon. I have to work and can't be there. I am nervous, but I think he is really nervous. He never talks too much about things like this, but he has brought up a couple of times now that he's nervous about going. As we lay in bed this evening he confessed he has a bad feeling about it. I have not had good feeling for a while, but I'm crazy and worry about everything. It's incredibly unlike him to be negative about something like this. I just wish he didn't have to go alone. His appointment is at 1pm. I pray he gets nothing but good news and a relief filled drive home from Fishers.

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