Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Break, and other things too.

I think the weeks are getting longer. At least it feels that way sometimes. I am drawing near to a place where I can breathe. Maybe for a small amount of time anyway. The last couple of weeks have been coconuts. Finals are almost over and I am almost done with work. Only 8 more days. Not that I'm counting. I should also know my extern site within the next few days. Super excited!

My kids took turns being mildly ill during my week off of work and school, so that was a real treat. It sounds like a lot of people's kids had the bug really bad, so I can't complain too much, but it still kinda sucked between that and the chaos of planning, and cooking a Thanksgiving feast. Yes, I made a feast! Simeon was the worst of the crew and though he really wasn't that sick, only diarrhea all day, I couldn't keep anything in him long enough to keep his sugar up. I monitored him all day and kept him stable, but it was no fun for either of us. Made me glad that I don't have to do that all the time anymore. I knew if he got any worse, we would likely spend the next day getting IVs at Riley so I went to bed hoping for the best.

He went too long over night though, mostly because he didn't eat much at dinner I imagine. I should have known better. I should have woke him in the night and fed him. I just didn't think about it. Maybe a bad part of rarely actually having to notice his disease. I just didn't think about it. You know how you keep track of all the really dumb crap you've done as a mom? This is now on that list. When I tried to wake him on Tuesday morning he was well into hypoglycemic shock. I still don't even know how he managed to wake up and sit up long enough to drink his Dr. Pepper - the only quick sugar I had that he could actually take in his state. He was very zombie-like, moving and talking in extreme slow motion. I took a blood sugar from him when I realized I couldn't wake him, and he was pale and sweaty. It was 34. Wait. That can't be right, another test strip, 1..2..3..poke. 33. Crap. Crap like, CRAP! I have never prepared a glass of soda so fast in all my days. Luckily he did wake and drink and we didn't have to call 911 for a glucagon shot. He probably would have thought the ambulance saving him was cool. Me, not so much. Makes me wonder if I should have a glucagon shot on hand. I don't even know if they hand those out at the pharmacy, but I think I would be one cool mom with a diaper bag full of life saving shots. Glucagon, check. Epi-Pen, check. I would rock.

In his eyes I already rock. He spent much of the day bragging about how he got to have DR PEPPER! I'm thinking, man this is saving your brain cells from dying and you from passing out, but you're such a deprived kid you just think it's cool you got to have soda. The little things, right?

I made Thanksgivng dinner this year and somehow we all survived it. My mother came and that was a real, um, treat. Jake tells me that she doesn't bother anyone but me, so maybe I am just a jerk. Whatever. Maybe his mom has been around and loving and helpful since he was born. Whatever. The day was tolerable and my kids LOVED having Grandma Denise there. She was like a shiny new toy for them to play with and talk the ears off of and they hardly got in my way at all. I didn't screw up the turkey, everything tasted yummy. But I forgot to make the stuffing. Granted I bought Stove Top, but how do you forget to have stuffing on Thanksgiving? I'm still counting it as a win.

I went shopping, of course and got lots of fabulous items at spectacular black friday prices. I don't want to talk about the 2 hours I spent waiting for video games at Wal-Mart, the angry mob at said video game case when they tried not to sell all the games at black friday prices, or the fact that I left that bag at the register and the jerk behind me took it home. I did get my money back, but what kind of grown man takes things that don't belong to them? He saw me pay for those things, he should have left them there. (We went back to the store and they reviewed the tapes since nothing was turned in as left at the register. Jerk.)

Oh well, I still got all my shopping done for the kids and am almost done with everyone. Though, as you know we are not dull people and now our van is in the shop. Jake broke down on the interstate Monday night while driving to pick me up from school. They think it is the transmission. Super. Because I have $2,000 laying around. I don't know what we'll do, but we always seem to manage, so I suppose we will this time too.

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