Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Pictures of Lately

Sophia's Birthday Beach Cupcake
Her 2nd lost tooth - held proudly in a baggie that the Tooth Fairy can more easily find under a little girls pillow :)

A visit to cousin John on her birthday. He had an infection in his leg and had surgery that morning. We took him a beach cupcake and goodie bag since he had to miss the party. I think his pain meds were treating him well.
A visit to Daddy was also warranted on this fine birthday Saturday. After laughing at how terrible Jake looked in the previous pictures, they all decided to do one with "sick faces" Sophie's favorite thing at school is Art. I would swear to you it's music, but she will swear she hates music. I think it's because 1st grade music class is nothing like a Hannah Montana show, but maybe I am wrong. ANYWAY She has been holding regular art class sessions with Simeon and Alice at home. It's actually pretty cute. They turned my diaper patterns into seals the other day -Should have gotten a picture of THAT!
My baby boy is 5!!! What the heck, dude!
He kept insisting that he wanted a Batman Beach Party with talking beach balls. We finally talked him down off the ledge, but I felt bad that he wanted a Batman cake and I wasn't about to buy one, or make one for that matter. We looked high and low for anything Batman at Walmart. Apparently, unless you have a current movie, you are not cool enough to be a toy, no matter how awesome you are, or were. We finally found a trick-or-treat bag with Batman on it for $1. We bought his ice cream cake and I traced the lid around the bag. Cutting carefully, I covered the big ugly edible paper "Happy Birthday" with plastic Batman. I couldn't believe how well it worked and Sim was pretty excited when he saw the cake he had picked out had somehow magically become a Batman cake. I also feel I should add I have no idea where the random Batman kick came from. He has never seen any of the movies, I would never let him watch them at his age. He's never watched anything Batman. He randomly likes super hero/comic book guys that he hears other boys at school talk about. He has never talked about Batman before this and hasn't talked about him since the birthday cake. It's very odd... BUT this is Simeon we are talking about so...
Blowing out the candles,
and again with papaw (who Simeon shares his B-day with)

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