Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallowe'en Weekend!

Our Pumpkins. Sophia's is the peace sign, Simeon's is the turtle and I made the scary monster - from a pattern.
Simeon carving with Mamaw and cousin, Libby
Sophia carving her peace sign pumpkin.
Today we went to the Irvington Halloween Festival. Every year it is windy, but the kids always have fun! This is Luci's first year, as we stayed home last year. She's always mystified in crowds, like she can't understand so many people wanting to share space so closely. She was so good the whole time, never made a sound - except once to get a sucker.
We stopped at a kids music time and played instrments along with many different types of music.Sophia was very interested in the smaller instruments, trying to figure out how they worked. (See the guy in red, with the cute little dragon? She was Alice too! Awesome!)
Alice wandered a little, playing with as much as she possibly could. I think she liked the drums the best.
Simeon waiting to jump in the bounce house.
We can't wait for tomorrow night. Trick or Treating!
(translation: Candy for mom and dad to steal when the kids aren't looking!)

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Jeni said...

We just take the candy, kids looking or not. It's Mommy Tax. Or Daddy Tax. Whatever. We get the candy. lol.