Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On our walk home from Kindergarten this afternoon:

Simeon: Today, at calendar, it's Mrs. Aldrich's birthday tomorrow. It is ONE day until Mrs. Aldrich's birthday.

Me: Well maybe we should make her a card and buy her a candy bar.

Simeon: Mama, candy bars aren't healthy for you. Maybe we should get her something else. Maybe we should get her a pretty dress. She would like a very pretty dress that she could wear.

My son, the charmer.

Later in the walk he asked if I had another baby in my tummy. I told him yes and he asked if it was a baby brother. I told him we didn't know yet. He said in an exasperated tone, I hope it's 2 baby brothers, because I already have 3 sisters and I don't need more.

He's right.

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MommieDaze said...

So cute! I hope for his sake it is a brother. Gotta keep things even.