Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just another day...

A dull moment in my life gives me just enough time to spend it here with you fine folk. A pretty bland weekend thus far and not a bit disappointed.

Lisa took Simeon and Sophia camping yesterday. Simeon returned via Aunt Amanda this afternoon, but someone will undoubtedly have to pry Sophia from the camp grounds when it's time to pack up. Jacob informs me that someday will we have to start camping with everyone on this weekend. We must eventually do things the kids enjoy he says. I say, What kids? I like my bed even in it's incredibly small, at-least-one-child-in-it-with-us-by-morning, state of being. I don't like bugs. period. I like toilets and I like toilet paper even more. I am also not a big fan of everything around me being filthy. --Remind me of all of these things when Alice wants to go camping for her 5th birthday and I have no choice but to agree.

Summer classes started this past week and as I near the end of this endless path I have been reminded twice this week of how I should be in nursing school. I know that. I just need to be done for a minute, breathe, and raise my children. Becoming a CMA will give me the schedule I need, and the ability to get a job someplace where I am not wiping butts all day. I can be happy with that for a couple of years. I can take the test for nursing school right now. I have taken enough classes to be in the program and my grades are damn good enough. Somedays I think I should just walk into the testing center and take it. Other days I feel like a doctor's office with Clarian is around the corner calling my name and they will pay my way through nursing school. I need to just get there. Though, as I look toward the 85,000 drug cards I will be doing for Pharmacology these next 9 weeks, I kinda want to run away at a quick pace.

The kids are all doing great. Sophia's last day of school is Wednesday. My baby will be a first grader in the fall and Simeon will be in Kindergarten. They are soaking up the sun -finally- and enjoying being kids. All three olders have well child checks next week, Simeon will get K shots, including the varicella we've delayed. Anyone out there have it and want to pass it along? Please?! Lucilla has orders for another CBC, to recheck her anemia. She has an appointment with the allergist in July and Simeon sees his metabolism doctor in July too. If you had any doubts about whether we've hit our out-of-pocket (which is $4500) for the 3rd year in a row - we are about $400 shy. Don't worry, we'll get there.

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Melissa said...

There are enough people that go camping that you could send your kids and no one would even notice that you weren't there. Stay here with me. Real beds, Starbucks, air conditioning, showers - why would you ever want to go camping????? I just don't get it.