Friday, December 4, 2009

Medical Assisting

I met with the admissions person for the medical assisting program at Ivy Tech last Tuesday afternoon. After looking at my grades the interview was basically done. I got in, and instead of waiting until Fall, she made room in all the full classes for me to start in January! I was so excited I could not even find words. One of those moments when you can’t wipe the goofy smile off of your face even though you know how goofy you look. I have to take 2 classes over the summer (including pharmacology! Eek!) and then fall and spring of next year. I will graduate with an associates in medical assisting in May 2011. It feels so great to see an end in sight. All my hard work actually turning into something, and not all the far away anymore. A year isn’t that long, as we can see from the fact that it is December already! All I know is I have 1 month to get back into the mindset of difficult and challenging school. No more homework the night before and not studying anything. I will be sweating for tests and reading into the night. I am actually excited about it. School is boring when it isn’t challenging. As fun as Intro to Early Childhood Education and Concepts in Mathematics have been (NOT!) I have been so freaking bored this semester. In January, I will have classes starting at 8am Monday morning. I am willing to bet I won’t be so excited about it when that becomes a regular thing. It will be my longest day and I wont even get home until around 9pm. My other two days will be normal days and it won’t be forever. I am a little nervous about phlebotomy. I have to learn how to stick people and I have to let other people, who also have no idea what they’re doing, stick me. It’s the only thing that I am scared of doing. I don’t know why. I am just thrilled that a year from now I will be going into my final semester of college. I will go back of course someday for my bachelor’s degree in nursing, but for now I’m going to have a pretty sweet thing.

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