Friday, October 9, 2009

There's flu in my house!

The last few days have been annoying to say the least. Sophia woke up Wednesday morning with a fever. Perfect attendance out the window and she missed her very first field trip at school. Jacob stayed home with her since he has sick days left. She was miserable and her temp reached 103.2 even on alternating Tylenol and Motrin. She kept complaining that her head hurt. I talked to our doctor twice before deciding to have her checked out at Riley. They said she had the flu. Big surprise there! They said they didn't need to test her because for a healthy kid it didn't matter. The doctor said she didn't need to be treated with anything besides the tylenol/motrin, rest and fluids.

Unfortunately, some people in my family are not healthy over-all. People without spleens should not stay home with their sick children. Jacob also now has the flu. I picked up his antibiotics and Tamaflu from CVS this evening. A glimpse of how every cold and flu season will be from now until eternity.

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