Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Month Old

Luci is one month old today. How time flies! She had her one month visit last Friday. She weighed in at 9# 6oz and 20.75" long. Short and fat. Sounds like some other kids I know. Her eyes are still very light and we are pretty sure they are going to stay blue. She smiled at me for the first time yesterday morning. I know that will never get old. She sleeps pretty good and eats all the time. She's not always the happiest camper in the world when awake, but her cry is so incredibly soft.

This is Luci's quilt made by my dear friend Denise. She makes them as gifts for all of the babies born at Englewood. She does such beautiful work. This is my third handmade Denise quilt and I know my children will cherish them forever.

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