Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Simeon's Update

They were able to get Simeon in pretty much right away and so he went into Riley for his tests last Monday morning. He got to eat breakfast and we got there about 10:30. He wasn't allowed to have anything to eat, but could have water to drink while we were there. They started off testing his sugar every 2 hours and when it went below 60 they did it every hour. We watched some movies and walked around the hospital. He played with toys and they brought him some things to do also. He colored for a good portion of the morning. Jacob joined us after work. It was a lot of waiting around, but it did seem to go by quickly. Around dinner time Simeon realized how hungry he was suddenly and was pretty upset that he couldn't have anything. In actuality I think he handled it pretty well. He got pretty tired of having his finger pricked and just got pretty tired in general. His sugar of course went to exactly 40 sometime around midnight. It wasn't exactly the best time to draw his labs, but I just wanted it all done. They stuck him I don't know how many times but could not get a good vein. They got a little blood from some of the sticks, but he was fairly dehydrated and there just wasn't much to get at. Also, sometime while he slept his IV got pulled out so they stuck him about 8 or 9 more times to replace it. I was fairly annoyed since she had already told me that they could give the glucagon in a shot and they didn't use the IV for anything else. Also, they put it in his left hand and didn't take it out until we left on Wednesday afternoon. He managed but I would have been annoyed if I couldn't use my dominant hand at all. I understand why they left it in, but it was still annoying.

So his first tests came back showing that it more than likely wasn't actually an endocrine problem so they had Riley's metabolism doctors come and talk with me and they wanted to do some more labs. We sat all day on Tuesday and they decided they would let him go home Wednesday morning. Jacob stayed with him on Tuesday night so I could try and get some sleep on a real bed. 8 months pregnant and a chair that "turns into a bed" Yeah, not so much. It was a nice thought but it took me so long to get home and get settled I felt like as soon as I shut my eyes my alarm was going off and I was on my way back to the hospital. I sat with him all morning playing in the room and they decided to go ahead and draw the labs after lunch and we could go home. Well being dehydrated apparently wasn't really his problem before because this time they couldn't get anything either. I felt so bad for him. They tried about four times before stopping. Dr. Emily just wrote me a script to take him to the lab to get it drawn sometime before the end of December. I forgot to mention the coolest part was that Emily was Simeon's doctor. What are the chances that she's doing her endocrine rotation at the same time that he has to go in? It was nice having a familiar face in all the craziness.

We still don't know anything for sure, other than he is hypoglycemic. They were still waiting on labs when we left and no one has called me with dire news so maybe they're all normal? Then of course the ones for metabolism that we still have to do. We go back to the doctor on the 12th of January and maybe we'll know more then. Right now I have to monitor his blood sugar at daycare/home 4 times a day (before main meals and at 2am) and call them in, so we can get an idea of his normal sugar pattern and just treat him as a hypoglycemic until we know it should be anything different. He is pretty much used to getting stuck before he eats now and doesn't even flinch. It's quite amazing really for his age. He has even pretended to test my blood sugar a couple of times with an invisible test strip and lancet device. It's pretty cute, but I will be happy when I only have to test him if I suspect it is low.

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