Sunday, May 2, 2010

Adenotonsillectomy - Day Ten

Okay, so here's the real scoop. It wasn't as bad as all the horrible things I read. I know, that probably comes as a shock. I read something on the internet and freaked myself out. As if I ever would do that.

The other side, it was definitely no pinic in the park. She has only been back to sleeping normally for maybe two nights, three if you count the silence I hear right now. The best part, by the way - she no longer snores. (Maybe Jake should have his adenoids and tonsils out?) You can tell she is sleeping better, hardly any movement and so quiet. I had read that some mothers found themselves making sure their child was still breathing because they were so quiet. Guilty as charged. It's an amazing difference and totally worth the cranktastic behavior and sleepless nights.

While I have your attention I might as well mention Luci Lu. I took her back to the doctor because of her weird leg thing. She had another slight episode of purple leg/feet and I am tired of wondering why. They had an opening at 1 on Friday and I know how to drive quickly down Meridian. It's basically an art I've mastered. Along with her being anemic, she was also tachycardic. (That means her heart was beating too fast.) It could be nothing, but Dr. Strate ordered the ECHO just to rule out anything with her heart. I don't know what I am hoping for at this point. It's not as if I want to add cardiologist to the list of pediatric specialist doctors we've seen in the last 6 years. However, if I walk away empty handed, and her feet still turn purple regularly... well I don't want an endless cat and mouse game only to find out she has a deficiency in some random protein and it will go away when she turns 4. I don't even know if that's possible. Stranger things have happened, says Simeon's amino acids who will possibly function normally in two years.

Anyway, her appointment is at 10 am and I will update likely on Facebook and here, especially if there is something to update. Otherwise, look for the blueish-purple feet girl and her mom. She'll be the one pulling out her hair.

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~♫♪Shenna*Ann♪♫~ said...

Well it's good news that it wasn't terrible, but oh my gosh, purple legs? wowza. your family is just full of crazy medical issues! Gotta love the life we lead.