Monday, January 5, 2015

'ello 2015

What's up nerds.

Been a long time. Whole year actually. Sorry for that. Been busy with sitting around doing nothing. Well, mostly. Some other stuff like five kids, a job, and nursing school might have also gotten in the way. Who knows.

So it's 2015 now. I am happy to announce that have already managed to write the date several times without having to change a 4 to a 5. At. All. Not even once. So that's a first. Shoulda made that my resolution now that I think about it. 

Seriously though, not much to say just felt like dusting off this old machine and typing up some nonsense. The kids are great. Jake is great. I'm great. We're all great. Updated the banner above with some family photos we had taken in November. The old one Charlie still didn't have teeth, so I figured it was time since she's 3 now. The photos were done by J. Turow Photography, a good friend of mine. Click here and like her Facebook page, then tell all of your friends.

Kids went back to school today. Winter break seemed a lot shorter this year. I think because we actually did something other than sit around for 3 weeks. Took a few days to Jake's family's hometown between holidays. Sadly it was for a funeral, but we had a great time nonetheless. Got to meet a lot of family I had only ever heard about, and they got to visit with a whole lot of children. It was a win win. We ate food from restaurants a lot. Also a win. We found BBQ Fritos* at a Walmart in Elizabethton, TN. I am telling you, the trip was a win.

(*They, for some reason, do not sell the delicious, best chip ever made, at any store in Indianapolis. If you ever find that they do, I should be the first person you call. That is an order, friends.)

I go back to school next week. So, yeah. Enjoying this last week of whatever it is I'll be doing. (Watching a lot of Doctor Who.) Last semester was pure hell, so hoping it will be better than that. I mean, it can't really be worse, so that's hopeful. On another note, I graduate this year. That's right, the year of graduation. In December, but still, this year. THIS. YEAR.  I am a little excited if you can't tell. Ready to be done with school and into the workforce... wait. what?

On NYE, with a twinkle in my eye, I said to Jacob, "just think next year this will be so different and exciting for us. I'll be a nurse, we'll both be successful, and it will be like the start of a new life for our beautiful family." 

or something like that anyway. All I remember is him replying, "Well, I mean technically you won't be a nurse yet, you'll have to take that test in January and hope you pass."

Thanks. Dream crusher. Like I passively forgot about the NCLEX. geesh.

Jake is a full time "regular" mailman now. Don't ask me what that means because the postal service is asinine and it would take too much work to explain. BUT he actually gets a day off and benefits and everything so that's pretty cool. He seems happy with it anyway. I don't really see how considering it's snowing like Antarctica as I type and he'll be walking around all day tomorrow freezing to death in it. I'd rather shoot myself in the foot. He doesn't complain though. I suppose the faces he makes when I tell hospital stories means the feelings about job role reversal are mutual. We're polar opposites, but somehow we work. Love that man. 

Hoping to write more, hoping to have the time to. If you don't hear from me for another year, just think, you'll be hearing from a nurse. 

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