Friday, October 11, 2013

It was a long summer...

Fall is here. My very favorite time of year. I am always so, so happy to see summer disappear. This year, that could not be more true. I will not embellish the details, but this was the longest summer of my life. Full of pain and heartache and lots of sunshine. I am glad to see it go.

Things are mostly getting back to normal around here. There are "those days" sometimes, but I have a feeling there will always be "those days." At least for a good while. I am happy that those days are turning more and more just into "those hours" or "those moments." Much improvement from "those weeks."

I know you don't follow. It's okay. Just know, in short, things are getting better.

I am learning to love myself. I am learning to take every day as a new day. I am learning to be content with what surrounds me. These things are so much harder than anything I am learning in school. Thankful there is no exam over my life. I would, without a doubt, fail.

Fall break is upon us, and so is Exam #2, in this hell we call nursing school. The semester is half way over. I have straight A's so far. Or whatever you call it when you're taking two classes. I feel like this is where I should enter things about all the hard work and effort I am putting into school. How much homework and studying I am doing. How stressful nursing school is or whatever. Whelp. Hate me all you want, I am doing exactly none of those things. I have yet to read an entire chapter of the book. I listen to lectures and take notes. That's about it. Even missed a couple of those. I have studied a combined total of about 8 hours this semester. For both classes. Maybe. Possible overestimation. Seriously. 

I never get to throw it in anyone's face or enjoy being smart. It's kind of a rotten thing to do, I guess. I get the "we hate you" look often, as though I can help that I naturally don't have to study, already have a medical degree, and have lots of experience with a weird family medical history. Whatever. I'll enjoy being able to do whatever I want all week, study a couple of hours on Thursday and still get the best grade in the class.

I think I am officially in a bitchy mood. Bring on the rest of Friday night.

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