Monday, February 25, 2013

Week Seven

Gearing up for week seven of this hell we call nursing school. Spring break is next week Woot!

Unfortunately, they are rewarding us with our second exam on Friday. I guess all the more reason to be thankful for Spring Break to start. I will be spending so much time in the library this week I may need to have my mail forwarded. I'll keep you posted.

I have no plans for break and the kids' break is different. Good and bad... I will get semi peace and quiet while I am home, but I will have to get up every morning and take them to school... so win-lose? I am taking Sophia to the Chris Tomlin concert on Friday. She still doesn't know, I am very excited to see her face when we get there. I imagine I will be spending the rest of my "break" getting my house in tip top shape to sell. Yep. More on that later.

I am doing well in my classes. I am enjoying school a lot more than I make it sound. Is it a lot? Sure. Is it mostly BS we will never even use? Probably. Do I sometimes want to punch myself in the face while reading chapter after chapter of the most dull stuff you can imagine? Definitely.

I am having a hard time finding myself though. I feel like I am living in two separate worlds. College life and home life. Balancing the two is a challenge. Actually having people I like and want to spend time with... well that's an insane thought to me. Yes, I said people I like. I know it's hard to believe. Sometimes I feel like I missed the window of college life though, and have too many responsibilities. The other part of me is happy. Like give-up-the-Prozac-if-I-wasn't-a-nursing-student happy. So, I guess I will have to let it ride and see where the journey takes me. In the end, I am here for my family and future women and babies I will care for. Eye on the prize.

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