Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Sewing - Go to Dress

This weekend I finally bought the 'Go to Dress' Pattern from The Train to Crazy. I have had this dress pattern bookmarked for about a year. It was suggested to me by someone on SewingMamas when Alice refused to wear anything but dresses and I was trying to make her as many as I could to keep her clothed. At that time, I took many free tutorials and drafted my own pattern. Ever so often I would open up the link and admire the Go-to Dress. I just loved it.

So I bought it.

I spent Sunday tracing the pattern in 4 sizes and cutting out 4 versions of the dress. I let each girl, except Charlie, pick out the way she wanted hers. Imagine my surprise when Luci picked the exact same style as Alice.

I promised Sophia I would make hers first since she had been asking for some "long skirts." She picked the fabric from my stash, not my first choice, but I thought it turned out really cute. I got that fabric from when it was $1.95 yd. Super score, but I didn't realize the stripes were 2 different sizes and I haven't used it for much. I think the stripe design really works here. Sophia also wanted her "skirt" to have pockets and what do you know, this pattern has several variations of pockets to choose from. Sophia's dress is a maxi length, flutter sleeve with inset pockets. She loves it and I love that she loves it.

 Also, can someone explain when my daughter got so old please?!

I really cannot wait to make all of the variations of the dress. I'm imagining Alice in a little hooded, knee length dress with a kangaroo pouch style pocket and layered long/short sleeves. It's just her style and I can't wait to make it.

To purchase your own visit The Train to Crazy!

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