Monday, July 23, 2012

*REVIEW* - Baltic Amber Necklace

Somehow I managed to make it through 5 children before having a cranky teether. Charlotte has been teething off and on for a few months. You can always tell when her teeth are bothering her. She turns into a little drooling, crabby, screaming monster. As of today, she has 8 teeth and we have managed to survive this phase of her life. So far she has only had her two front teeth on the bottom, but her behavior leads me to believe they will have company soon.

When she was going through her last tough battle with teeth, I bought a baltic amber necklace from a WAHM business I came across on facebook. I had seen that these teething necklaces were out there, and you would think that my normal hippie-like self would have jumped at something not-so-mainstream. I was skeptical. I didn't know much about them and while I believe in many homeopathic things quite strongly, for some reason, I wasn't sure I wanted to bother with this amber teething necklace business. I was at my wits end with Charlie crying for what seemed like all day when I saw that MyGoodness Creations was looking for testers for their new necklaces at a reduced rate. I thought, eh, why not?! At that point I was desperate to try anything. We had done Tylenol/Motrin, but it didn't seem to help much and I really needed her to come unglued from my arms.

When I agreed to be a tester, I thought at the very least, Charlie would have a pretty cute necklace. All toddlers need cute jewelry right? I looked up all the mumbo jumbo about the necklace. How it has an analgesic that helps to relieve the pain. It isn't actually chewed on, which is what I originally thought. It is just worn against the skin, and is apparently pretty common in Europe.

Charlie's teething crankiness is so off and on that I wasn't sure we had done anything effective by allowing her to wear her necklace. I took it off for a few days, but noticed on Wednesday morning she was very clingy and was crying a lot. She started drooling and gnawing on her fingers and I immediately knew what we were dealing with. After her nap, I grabbed her necklace and placed it back on her neck. I know it sounds crazy, but she was so much easier to deal with for the rest of the day... and the rest of the week. It is not magical. It is not a cure all. Charlie didn't chew on her fingers or anything else for the rest of the day. She was fussy, but not unbearable, and she would play without being held for a lot of the afternoon.

I know a lot of people swear by them, and I know a lot of people think they're a crock. I am still in the middle somewhere, mostly because I am having trouble admitting a necklace is helping my teething child. I guess I am not a big a hippie as I thought. I am convinced that the necklace is helping her pain. I haven't given her Tylenol for teething since I bought it. Maybe her pain was worse in the morning that day just because it was worse in the morning or maybe it was better in the afternoon because of the necklace. I can say that I don't entirely believe in random coincidence and since we've had the necklace we've had significant decrease in teething mania. I am impressed with the quality of my necklace from MyGoodness creations. It is seriously, the cutest thing ever. Even Jake has said we need to get her another in a bigger size so she can have one when this one gets too small. He, of course, thinks the "healing property stuff" is nonsense, he just thinks its cute on her. I say I will gladly get another because those two year molars will be hell and I think an amber necklace will bring much relief for us all during that time.

If you are looking for a baltic amber necklace for your teething monster, please check out MyGoodness Creations on Etsy and Facebook!

**DISCLAIMER: Please understand that your baby or toddler should only wear her teething necklace during the day, while completely supervised. It can pose a choking hazard should the necklace break or become caught on something. Also, it should never been worn while sleeping. Charlie never wears her necklace unless she is awake and supervised by me. I know some people never take theirs off and quite frankly that scares the hell out of me. Use caution and common sense when using this product.

Also, these comments are my own. I purchased my own necklace and was not given any type of compensation for linking to myGoodness Creations. I just think her product is awesome!

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Anonymous said...

5 kids?! Awesome. I am one of five kids myself and loved it. I have 2 of my own and we'll see how many more are still to come ;)

I have the same thoughts as you do about the amber. I really think its been working, but I can't swear by it.