Sunday, July 22, 2012

RENT at Footlite Musicals

I got to see my all-time favorite musical this past Thursday with my friend Jessica, (who I don't spend nearly enough time with!) I admittedly, had only ever seen the movie, but had never been given an opportunity to see it on stage.

Everything is better on stage. Everything.  RENT was, in a word: Astounding.

I thought everyone who was in the show did an excellent, excellent job. Joanne, who is actually one of my least favorite characters, gained mucho points in my book by being played by a woman named Jennifer Rife. Wow. That girl could sing. She was amazing. She had so much confidence and I was blown away by her performance. My favorite character is Collins, who was played by a young man named Jordan Donica. He stole my heart for sure. His voice was absolutely gorgeous. He was wonderful. Angel was played by Damon Clevenger. Oh my. He was rockin' that role. You could just see how much fun he was having and it made me so happy for him to be up there, doing what he obviously loved. Also, I was rather partial to Mark, who I always just think is adorable. Adam Nagy was just as adorable as well. Roger, Maureen, Mimi and Benny were all fabulous too. Gigi Aldrige's (Mimi) rendition of "Without You" had my tears flowing harder than they already were!

I absolutely love, love, love going to the theatre. As someone who participated in music and theatre in high school a piece of me will always be on stage. Going to musicals takes me to a time when I was the happiest in my life. Takes me to a time when I learned so much about myself. A time when I stepped out of my shell and became the woman I am today. It is a very hard feeling to explain to someone who has never participated in anything like that. Someone who has never been a part of a family like that.

It also makes me ache to be on the stage again. I could, of course audition to be in a show, but we all know how laughable that is with my schedule and home life. It is nearly impossible. My husband is so loving. When I explained my ache to be up there on the stage he encouraged me to audition for something saying, "if you got a part we could make it work. It would only be for a few weeks, not forever."

I love him.

I will be returning to Footlite in late September to see my first ever Rocky Horror Picture Show. My friend Jessica will be in the ensemble and I am stoked! She's my normal theatre buddy, so I will need another.... hint hint.

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