Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Stay-at-home mom. Funny term. Seems I rarely actually stay home. Who ran all these errands when I was working? I spend more time in my car than my home. From here on out I shall be known as the stay-in-car mom. SIC Mom for short. Do want you want with that one.

Of course, I can't be given too much credit. The kids were 10 minutes late to school today. I got all the way to the bank before realizing I forgot the check I was depositing at home. Then, I managed to return library books in anticipation of also picking up a book I have on hold. (Confessions of a Scary Mommy! Eek! Can't wait to read it!!) Two birds, one stone and all that, right? No. I went to the wrong library, creating yet one more errand to run this afternoon.

Although, perhaps I'm not a raging airhead. Did I create a way to leave 15 minutes early for class tonight giving me an extra 15 minutes of silence in the car by myself. Yes I did. Add genius to my new title, please.

Genius SIC Mom.

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