Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long time, no blog...

I can't believe I have not posted anything since Charlie was a week old. How is that possible? Five kids, one of whom is a baby, a full time job, laundry for 7, etc etc. Okay, so I suppose it's possible.So much to catch up on. Charlotte is 4.5 months old. She is amazing in every way. She really enjoys her feet. They are basically her whole world right now. She also takes much delight in her hands. She's constantly a soaking mess. She spits up with the best of them, and drools like all her teeth are coming in tomorrow. We love her anyway.Lucilla is hanging in there. She gets lost in the chaos that is her life. She's talking so much now and hilarious, like her siblings. She is just a little toddler now, which I suppose is appropriate as she gets closer and closer to 3 every day.

Alice is still a handful! She started going to school this year at the Oaks. Pre-K is wearing her out! We've had meltdowns on an 18-month-old-Alice level, but she's slowly getting better. We're working on using our big girl words. Tonight she tried shoving Luci out of her way for a spot next to me on the bed. I simply said to her, "Alice it isn't very nice to push your sister, all you had to do was ask to sit next to me." She asked me if she could try again. I was shocked. The typical response to discipline is exasperation and tears. She stood up and said, "mommy may I please lay next to you?" Yes. Yes you can. Every. Single. Day. Simeon started his "real" Kindergarten this year. He amazes me. He's like a little sponge. Be careful what you do or say in front of him. He remembers everything. No seriously, EVERYTHING. Many of his sentences start with "remember when you said..." Oiy. I mostly just don't even talk to him anymore. Just kidding, of course. He's the funniest kid ever. Why wouldn't I talk to him? He's also already reading better than me. Well, almost. Simeon also just celebrated his 6th birthday. I cannot believe my son is 6. Funny how those cliches come true. Time sure does fly. They really do grow up, way too fast.
Sophia is still the most loving, caring child I know. She loves to sing. So much. So, so much. She is in 2nd grade this year and it's so much fun. She's reading actual books, not just that "See Spot Run" crap. Her favorite is Junie B. Jones, though she doesn't actually like to read too much. Unless it's bedtime, by golly. Then she's a mess if her booklight isn't working. Funny how that happens. She just celebrated her 8th birthday and first slumber party. We all survived. The girls had a blast. I'm not sure I will ever live up to the "best sleepover birthday party" raves again. I'm not sure I will ever try.I am working full time as a medical assistant. Who knew all that hard work and a degree would land me such a sweet gig? I love every bit of it. The gals (and one guy) I work with are great and the patients are hilarious. I come home almost every day with a new favorite story. I won't write much about work, because well, HIPAA. I like my job, house, kids, and freedom. So I think I will keep them thankyouverymuch. I hate leaving the baby. I hate pumping with a passion. BUT I feel like every step of my journey prepares me for working with women someday. This is just another step. I have a new appreciation for breastfeeding now that I am doing it working full time. I know this experience will help me to help women like me down the road. I still hate pumping though.

I am planning on going back to school in January. I am not making any laid-in-stone plans, but I am meeting with an advisor soon to find out what will transfer and what my timeline will look like for the BSN program. I am scared to death, but excited at the same time. I don't know how I will do it. So for future reference for all those people who love to tell me they don't know how I "do it"... there's my secret answer. Neither do I.

I will try to write more. I like to write. I just have to find the time. Maybe I can convince someone to add a few hours to each day.

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