Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sewing for Baby

In my head I would really like to sew more. In my motivation level and schedule, I have been trying. I really want to make some things for Charlotte before she comes and so far I have succeeded in making a few. I made two gowns using a shirt pattern from Ottobre and drafted it longer using another gown pattern I have as a guide. I don't really like the pattern I have and this combination worked well for a lazy sewer like me. This came from Ottobre and is the shirt I talked about before. I love the footed pants because what baby keeps socks on its feet? None that I know of, usually. This way she can have something besides a sleeper, yet still keep those feet covered. I am really proud of the next two outfits. They are from the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern and went together so nicely. The pattern is so easy and I love the way they turned out. I have been holding this owl fabric for a while and I was nervous to cut it, but so glad I did. I paired it with some brown and I just LOVE it! I bought the pink stripes when I was pregnant with Luci thinking I would make something for her. I never did and I have just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to cut into it.

I made myself a couple nursing bras using this pattern. It is really simple, but it only goes to a size Large, and well, let's just say I needed to adjust the sizing in the bust a little. I made the first one as is, in a large to see how much I needed to adjust and where, and then I made this one with my adjustments. I need to take it in a little at the sides because I shouldn't have added so much at the arm holes. They both fit fine, but aren't a perfect fit. I plan to make a few more and they go together so fast I should be able to get it perfect by the time I need them.
I have also made Simeon some new boxer brief underwear, though I didn't take a picture. He is despretely in need of some new ones and they are so easy it's silly to spend the money on them when all it takes is a little knit fabric and elastic - which I happen to have way too much of. I made Alice some new panties too. I never thought making underwear could be fun, but lo and behold, it is! I wish I had time to sew everyday, but alas, I don't. I will take what I can get though, and hope to crank out a few more things here and there as the kids will let me.

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