Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last published post July 28th. Oops!

Have you been hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the day I would come back and fill your hearts with joy and laughter and the words of glorious, magical, nonsense?

Well, here I am. I am not sure if I am doing any of the above, but it has been(cue the sarcasm) an exciting last 2 months.

It is 10pm on a Wednesday evening and I am more tired than I thought I could ever be. My brain is fried and my social function is slimming each day. School has started well and I am doing fine, but I am so sick of it. I just want to be done. Now I know what you're thinking. I have to go to work when I am done. Yeah, yeah. I know I'll hate that too, but that's expected. Duh! Besides - I bet I don't hate it worse than now. Also, I know something you don't know, neener, neener, neener!

Jacob spent the entire week last week in the hospital. Go back to the beginning posts of this blog to familiarlize yourself with ITP. Read the part where he has no spleen. Up to speed? Good. So yeah, he gets sick all the time, no big deal, whatever. Immunosupressed, keep some hand sanitizer by the door in the winter, go on with life. Apparently psycho viruses can attack people when it's still warm out in September! Shocked and appalled I was at this virus who did not wait for snow. Jake ran a high fever aroung 103 for a week solid. He had all the classic flu-like stuff, chills, sweating, aches, fatigue, and elevated liver enzymes and a white count that got to 28 upon discharge from Clarian North. For all you folk not in everlasting school like me, normal is 4-11, so yeah, a little high. They ran just about every test that the hospital possibly could have gotten away with running on a human and then sent him home with another mysterious diagnoisis of "here is what happened, but we don't know why." Good thing you all went to medical school and are paying back those loans! We should have called House.

He's home and returned to work, but he still feels like garbage mostly. Lucky for the world he isn't whiny like me, and you can't really tell he was ever sick. So manly, that one. He has had a reunion with his hematology oncologist and though I really like her, I hoped never to become a regular visitor again. He had a CBC on Monday and his white count was 24, so coming down, and his platelets were HIGH?!? Did you read the other posts? Really? Ok. High platelets. He has been good since the splenectomy, but like 150,001 good, not 600,000 good. I am not sure that is good. Seems bad to me, but I didn't go to medical school, so I clearly don't know. Jake's body is a real mystery to me and I am not sure I even want to venture into what wierd thing he is going to come up with next. Only time and tests will tell, if there is, indeed, anything to tell. Most likely he had a virus. Those pesky little boogers really like to shake things up in his system.

How much do you think the bills will be? Last time he was there in 07, it was around $27,000. I can't wait to tally them. It's only fun because we won't have to pay. Gotta love good insurance and a met out-of-pocket for the year. Ahh, life. You're so lovely, yet so challenging. I might find my sanity. I think I put it over there...

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