Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not in the business of entertaining....

I am not a people person. Anyone who thought I was, well, you were wrong. I have been able to be in my house for about 4.5 days straight now and I have loved every second of it. I sound like a hermit. I'm not, I promise. I did go outside during those 4.5 days. I went grocery shopping, went to Weight Watchers, ran to Walgreens a couple of times. I went to the backyard and played with the kids. I am not, like, afraid of outdoors. I just really enjoy being able to stay in my house and not have to entertain the thoughts or conversations of other people every once in a while. Sometimes. Ok who am I kidding, most of the time.

When I spend too much time with people, they really start to get on my damn nerves. The only person this has never been true for is my husband. Now is that true love or what? I do not have many close friends, and I fear this is the reason. I have thought many times I would break from this shell, grab lots of friends and party hard, er something, like girls my age do. Then I realize I am way over it, would rather cuddle up with my kids and watch The Incredibles for the 406th time. I care about other people. I will help someone in need the best I can, I will be the best friend I could ever be to someone who needed one, but sometimes I just want to be left the hell alone. I am in that zone now. Please come back later.

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