Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I've Learned this Monday.

*Finding the Goodwill by your school and a three hour between class break can be a dangerous combination.

*Sophie is going to look so awesome in all the pink stuff I bought today for the race this weekend.

*When your daughter gets caught red handed with no band aid on her ringworm at school, she will try to pass the blame on to you, since you're not there after all.

*When something tragic strikes, it will consume your every thought. Sometimes, you must swallow pride with a pill.

*Planning a trip to Anderson with 4 kids is harder than you would think it should be.

*Classes are almost over and I will NOT miss them. I desperately wish I didn't have to go this summer.

*The break room/lounge on the second floor smells like old, dirty socks. It has since week one, and somehow no one seems to care...

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