Friday, April 23, 2010

Adenotonsillectomy - Day One

We arrived at 9:00am to check in. Alice still in jammies and secretly still a little bitter about me having won the battle of the banana. She was so cute and talkative and down right happy to be here. She weighed 30# 6oz and measured just about 34" tall. Then she got to pick out a pink bottle of bubbles. We went to room 9 and vitals were taken. Our nurse was Beth, a very sweet lady. Alice liked her very much and even shared her bubbles. We ironed out the details of why we were there with each nurse, anesthesiologist and doctor that walked into room 9. They reminded me that we had agreed that Dr. Cordes would clean out the wax from her ears and check her tubes. Better to do it while she's knocked out cold right? There were toys to play with and fancy hospital bracelets to wear. She was a pretty happy kid. They brought in her versed at about 10:00. If you have never seen a child on versed, well... put this on your list of things to do before you kick the bucket. I watched the little boy in the room across from us for a while and then had the pleasure of laughing at my own child for a while. She was so incredibly hilarious I cannot even put it into words. She could not hold her own weight and decided that would be a good time to play musical parent's laps. Jake and I took turns holding the 30 pound lump of high kite while we waited for her to go back. Her doctor was stuck at Wishard and so we waited and waited and waited. Eventually the versed was no longer funny and just annoying as she was coming around, pissed, and still couldn't walk or hold herself well.

Finally they came to get her around 11:30 and I cried about as much as she did. I will leave to your thoughts whether we cried a little or a lot. Jake and I went to get something to eat while we waited - it was supposed to last about an hour. Dr. Cordes called at 12:30 to let us know they were all done and that it went well. She told us how Alice went back and danced on her bed with her Brobee doll. Yeah, that sounds like my funny girl. She said her tonsils were actually okay in size, but her adenoids were, and I quote "huge!" Well that explains not being able to breath out of her nose and all the snoring while she slept. She also cleaned out the wax in her ears and as it turns out, she had an ear infection in her left ear. So they drained the fluid and replaced the tube on the left side. Apparently right side eardrums are made to have holes in them though, because now Alice has one to match Sophie's! I thought it was hilarious at first, but the thought of yet another childhood surgery for my baby is just so many different levels of annoying.

She was in recovery for what seemed like forever. She was actually quite pleasant when she woke up - no crazy and no tears. She was mad as she could be though. She carried the same grumpy look all the way from Lower Level outpatient recovery to Unit 2C and wore it for quite a while after too. She has slept quite a bit and is pretty pissed off at her IV.

She woke up around 10:00pm and has been a much more alert version of Alice. She is still a little grumpy, but that's somewhat normal too. She has had two cups of ice cream and a little 7-up and apple juice. She took her last round of ear drop, antibiotic, and pain meds without so much as a whimper of protest. She watched a Backyardigans DVD and is now working on a Thomas the Train movie. She is pretty happy and that makes me happy. I am glad we stayed overnight, but I will be very ready to go home in the morning. She's so alert as midnight rolls around and I can feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier. It is going to be a long night, but not nearly as long as it could be.

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