Monday, March 15, 2010

Things I've Learned this Monday.

**When Alice takes a late nap, she will stay up until 11:16pm and eat all of your chili cheese Frito's.

**When Simeon takes an accidental late nap, he will sleep from 5pm into the night.

**When Simeon does the aforementioned, mom has to test his sugar sometime after writing a blog and possibly wake him up. Someone then must feed and entertain him. I think I know who that lucky soul will be.

**If Alice was old enough to understand, maybe she would share some of your Frito's with Simeon. Instead she replies, "I don't know this Simeon."

** Nick Jr. is just as annoying at 11pm as it is at 11am

** Just because you want to paint a room in your house, that doesn't mean you will like the color you pick the first time.... or the second.

**Sometimes it's really good to have an up close and personal relationship with someone in the paint business.

**Speedway also sells 32oz sodas in the morning.

**If you attend college for three years, you are guaranteed to have at least three expensive text books water damaged by your children. If you're not careful it could be the one you need for this week's homework.

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