Monday, March 1, 2010

Things I've Learned this Monday.

**Just becuase you have a phone interview with the DFR at 10:00am, that doesn't mean they will call. Even if you sit through class with your phone in your hand so as not to miss the silent ring.

** "Medium" is a different size at every drive thru in town. If you are not careful you might have 32oz of soda for breakfast.

** The Burger King on 10th street never has anything you want, even if it is something important that they should have 1,000 of. They do, however, have Medium coke.

**No matter how crazy my kids are, I miss them like mad when I'm gone. I long for the days of stay at home mama.

**The reason I never went to the dentist as a kid is because it's damn expensive. How do I break this cycle with my children's teeth and maintain my poverty level with dignity?

**Insurance and Coding class on Monday mornings is just not fair. If this happens to you, you should buy a medium coke on the way to class.

**No one should ever want to be an insurance coder. No one. I have learned waaaay too much about the CNS-1500 form.

**Sophia was invited to a birthday party at the Riding Academy in Noblesville. Yeah, some people at the Oak's really do pay full price. "Not I," said the Hen.

**Whoever is doing the summer/fall registration codes for Medical Assisting is an idiot. They still aren't right and I still haven't been able to register and I still can't find out how much financial aid I will have for summer.

and just think, the day is only half over, I still have so much to learn.

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Shenna said...

LOL at the medium coke! I was thinking of going in for coding, but now that you have shared your pains, I think I will skip it.