Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring at last

Today was beautiful. Spring is finally here. I got a lot of cleaning done and even got to work in the yard a bit. The kids are taking advantage of the warm weather and several reminders about shoes have already been made. Plenty more to be had as they are truely my children and I will not be found in shoes often as the weather warms. I cannot believe that April and Easter are around the corner. I also realized today that Lucy just turned 14 months old this week. She is also finally really walking around. She somehow managed to take off one day just as I knew she would. I was not worried, but becoming slightly more aware of the fact that even chubby, chunky Simeon was walking by her age. She of course is into everything and attempting to climb on everything, her favorite being the stairs. Alice and Simeon broke our only baby gate, but I think a new one will be a must. Each day I look at these children and cannot believe they belong to me. They are simply amazing.

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