Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How our medical society has impressed me once again...

Sophia had an appointment today with the ENT. She has had a small hole in her eardrum for a while now. It has given her some hearing loss, but nothing really noticeable outside of a hearing test. She has to wear ear plugs if she's going to be putting her head under water. Not a big deal.

It has to be repaired at some point. I have been gearing up for that surgery to take place this summer. She had a tube placed and adenoids out in 08' and has not had much trouble since. She got an infection around last June and so when we saw her doctor in July, he wanted her to have the whole winter with no trouble from ear infections. Fast forward to today. No ear infections all winter and so we're going to schedule the surgery to repair the eardrum, right? I am taking a morning from work and driving to 121st and Meridian to schedule a surgery and be done with this mess, right?

Yeah, not so much. Specialty doctors who charge $140 for a routine 15 minute follow-up visit and do not provide you with new information should not be allowed to practice medicine. He made me drive there to tell me I would have to make a separate, $140 routine 15 minute appointment with another doctor from the practice. He made me take a day from work, Sophie a day from school, just to tell me he doesn't do those surgeries anymore. Are you freaking serious?! What a waste.

I figure since we are switching doctors anyway, I am just going to switch facilities all together. I don't mind to drive for a good doctor. Our family doctor is up on 91st street and I won't change unless they change. However, I refuse to drive all the way up there for poor service. How hard is it to call someone and change the appointment? I mean seriously. It's all about the money, I get that, but how un-customer friendly. I'm done. I hear we have a great children's hospital, like 15 minutes away, right downtown. I bet they have some good doctors. I'll have to check them out.

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ShennaAnn said...

you should file a complaint. that's not good practice and he can actual get into hot water for that.