Saturday, February 27, 2010

where oh where have you gone...

It has been brought to my attention several times now that I haven’t been blogging lately. I had no idea that I was keeping so many people on edge without the ridiculous ramblings of my daily life to look forward to as they sat down to their computers each morning. I have now had visions of people running into the office, cup of coffee in their hands, not bothering to hang up their coats, keys thrown on the desk. They sit down, click on their bookmarks and come here. Only to find that I have had nothing to say. With disappointment they sip their coffee and begin their dreadful workday with not a trace of happiness to be found.

I will let you in on a little known secret. I have written not one, but two blog entries since my last seen posting. I chose not to publish either of them, obviously. I figured I would spare humanity the need to pity me and my bad moods. I may go as far as to even delete them from my blog list. The list I can see on my end, but you don't get to see. It lets me do all kinds of wacky stuff like delete posts and change dates too. So you have no idea if I am really posting at 11:29pm or if it's 4pm two days ago. It actually is 11:29pm, but I am just saying. Now you're going to always wonder, I just know it. I have been excruciatingly busy. Facebook really can take a toll on the free time in your life. Oh, and the part time job I have, 15 credit hours I am taking and the 5+1 kids I am raising in my spare time. Did I forget to mention the sweater I am working on for Lucy for Easter? Now THAT is a time suck.

Ok, ok in all seriousness. I love to blog. I just have not had the time to sit in one place long enough to type two sentences. I will strive to be better for those who actually are coming here expecting to find Simeon's hilarity or pictures of the cutest kids you've ever laid eyes on. I will try. My kids are still cute. Simeon is still hilarious. I want to share stories of the cutest thing Sophia has said in a long time or the fact that Alice, at two, knows all her colors, shapes, numbers and some letters. I want to share the stories about getting my first blood draw and being scared to death to have to do it 50,000 more times this semester. I'd like to talk about how I am registered for clinicals in the fall, WaHoo! Right after I finish this paper, those workbooks, studying for that test, making those sandwiches, washing those clothes, changing this diaper, running those errands, and putting away those groceries. Someones gotta do it, just happens to be me.

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