Tuesday, January 5, 2010

today so far...

"I'm so tired, but I don't know why." That's an example of something I might say on any given day. This morning I didn't say that. I already knew the answer. How come all "mom" jobs are just painful and not even close to being fun in any way. I stayed up way too late last night, even after I gave myself a lecture on needing to abide by my new bedtime of 10:30. I woke this morning to take Sophia to school. Winter breaks are painful for parents I found out. It wasn't the two whole weeks of, "Mom, mom, mommy, mama, mom... " It was the having to go back to the ugly old routine of getting everyone up and ready and taking daddy to work and Sophie to school. Firstly, it's MY day off. Then, everyone was still asleep this morning, which always makes it worse, and to top that off, now it's downright cold outside. Winter came over winter break. Go figure.

So we drop Sophie off at school despite her leaving her backpack at home. She was very stressed about this and who could blame her really? We drive to the grocery store. We had pretty much NO food in the house. I had to suck it up and take the three remaining angels with me in to buy our edibles for the next two weeks. When you do two weeks worth of grocery shopping with three kids in tow, you MUST use the really awkward buggy. You know, the one with the seats on the front, that is two car lengths long and never actually rolls where you want it to. The one they seem to love, but never want to actually be in for the duration. It took almost two hours and I filled that cart until it couldn't hold anything else. I put it all on the belt while repeatedly saying, "no, put that down" and "but, we're not buying candy today." (ASIDE: Whoever decided to put candy and toys in the checkout line was brilliant in marketing, but needs to be slapped in the face) Then I piled it all back into the cart so I could go and pile it into the van. The one with all the boxes for goodwill still in the trunk, you ask? Yeah, that's it. Drove home with frozen toes and then gave those bags one last hurrah into the house. After I put everything away in it's respective place in the kitchen, I began making the soup for our dinner tonight and the sandwiches for lunch. I sat down to feed Lucy and eat my own lunch. Now I get to wrap this up and gather laundry and carry it down two flights of stairs. Later, I get to bring it all back up, fold it, and put it away. All before I lose two perfectly good hours picking up Sophia and Jake. The only glimmer of great in this day off. Granny's vegetable soup for dinner. yum.

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