Monday, January 11, 2010

The semester begins...

Well. I am in between classes at the writing of this informative blog. Class at 8 am worked out okay. We timed it perfectly by leaving at 6:30. Everyone got where they needed to be and the world did not end. Whew.

I'll tell you want did happen though. I commited myself to losing weight at 7:45 this morning. With my financial aid screwed up and not getting fixed until last Friday, I still had no books, or more importantly, no uniform. I had to run in this morning to the bookstore, grab a set of scrubs, pay, and do a quick change in the little girls room in about 15 minutes time. Besides having the slowest cashier in the history of work study programs, it worked out pretty good. Then came the moment when I ripped off the tags to my sparkling new navy blue scrub pants. That evil little letter M staring back at me. I bought mediums. Mediums. MEDIUMS? Good grief. No time for an exchange, I had to be in class in 5 mins. So I squeezed every single inch of butt and thigh into these bad boys. I'm not buying another pair. I am joining the YMCA and taking as many Zumba classes as I can until these medium pants go on with regular breathing and no funny dance.

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Kiyomi said...

Slide aerobics works wonders for the inner thighs and fast too. You will be sore for a few days after a full session of it but it works!