Saturday, January 23, 2010


As the exact minute approaches, I am trying to remember what one year ago was like. Waddling up the elevator while trying to hold it together. The pain I was feeling, the urge to get this gigantic thing out of me for. the. love. of. all. that's. holy! The love and joy that immediately surrounds you as you hold this tiny little slippery, wet, and vernix-y creature in your arms. She was breathtaking. Simply beautiful and truly a miracle.My sweet little Lucilla Juliann turns one years old today. I officially have no more "babies" in the infant sense of the word. She'll, as they say, always be my baby. She's taken her first technical step, though she's too stubborn to actually walk. She is funny, on purpose, and wants you to know it. She throws fits when you don't give her what she wants and is louder than Alice at times. Talk about scary. She is the most cuddley of all my babies, and already has that little "I'm the youngest, aren't I cute and going to get away with anything" shine to her big blue eyes. Lucilla leaves my infant days with a very satisfying pat myself on the back type of feeling. She gave me the birth I hope for any women trying to make it in an American hospital could have. I made it to one year nursing; Fourth time's the charm? She ain't stopping anytime soon either - if you ask her. I don't even know how to wean a baby who protests, so how can I argue much. She is going to be spoiled rotten by everyone she knows, the worst being Sophia. She is my sweet little, chubby cheeked, happy-go-lucky baby and I wouldn't trade her for anything, even though I cried when I found out she was a girl. :)

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We should always trust our hearts and let our children decide when they are ready to be -- 1) weaned, 2) in their own beds 3) out of diapers...etc, etc. Congratulations on being such a great mother to these fantastic people.