Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just for me

It's ike Christmas come early for me. I pre-ordered a Windows 7 laptop with free express shipping from Best Buy on Monday and it came upon it's release today as promised! I was so excited to see the UPS truck pull up. I always love getting packages, but this is probably the best (and most expensive) package I have ever recieved. I got a really nice Gateway with lots of neat gadgets and gizmos and best of all it's ALL MINE!

Moms out there know, anything that it just for us is hard to come by and usually the item in question is an $0.89 Baby Ruth that we're shoving in our mouths as quickly as possible while pretending to go pee and wash your hands with the bathroom door locked. I am thrilled and already have my homework done for two classes. Also, I'm blogging from bed with a DVR full of nonsense in front of me. I may never complain about life again. Ok, now I think I am getting carried away...

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