Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday

How do you play along?
We all have tons of photos from the days before the digital camera. I figure if I just scan a few each week, eventually I will get them all safely into my computer. But you don't need to scanner to participate - Just find a photo that takes you back to another time.
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September 1990
This is my first grade school picture. I remember wearing this dress on the first day of school and there was another little girl who wore the same dress in green. We both thought that was pretty cool. I am still getting over the fact that I just sent my oldest to school for the first time. They are doing school pictures at the end of the month. Our first set of school pictures. I'm way more sappy than I thought I was.


NateAndJakesMom said...

Motherhood just makes you sappy - I am trying to just go with it.

What a great picture - you were such a cutie and rockin' the bangs!

Slots Type said...

Yes, all is logical