Sunday, September 27, 2009

Luci is 8 months

I know it's the most cliche thing on the planet to say, but can you believe this year is almost over? I swear it just started. Luci was just born... wasn't she? My little Luci started crawling this week. She has been doing the army crawl thing for a little while and getting into all the little places she thought looked cool. Then she turned 8 months old and decided to get up on her knees and crawl across the room. I absolutely cannot stand it. Of course she isn't going to stay a baby forever, but I don't get anymore so can't she slow down a little? I bought a little brown and orange purse from Goodwill over the weekend. Big enough for all of my things and enough diapers/wipes for the girls. I am losing the diaper bag and there's a good chance I won't have one ever again. I seriously haven't had a normal purse since September 2003. I am not kidding.

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