Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lucilla and her crazy mama

It has been a long few weeks and an incredibly long last few days. As usual no one in our house can have something normal like the flu. Oh no, we like to bring it in style. I have developed a crazy, mad, itchy rash on my face, hands, torso, breasts, legs and feet. I asked a friend who is a nurse what she thought and she said maybe impetigo based on my hand. I have scratched it raw. I decided to go to MedCheck this morning to have it looked at. I didn't think much of it until it started getting worse and worse. Now I just want to cry. The doctor at medcheck said she thought it was probably scabies. ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS! I spent all morning stripping down the beds and pulling laundry to the basement. She said I need to clean the entire house top to bottom. Here I thought I was going to have a nice weekend.

The doctor finally called me back about Luci on Wednesday evening. She has been running a low grade fever since June 12th. I took her in after it had been two weeks and they looked her over. The doctor said she looked fine and that maybe it was her teeth. I accpeted that, none of my other kids had any fever with teeth, but she's her own person so why not? Since nothing was abnormal I couldn't really argue. She's been acting fine, eating, etc. Another week went by, still warm throughout the day. I called and asked if maybe we could do some bloodwork and just make sure everything looked fine. Dr. agreed and I took her in on July 3rd for the labs. I called back on Monday and got the results. Everything looked fine. WBC was normal for her, but her lymphocytes were slightly high. This can be indictive of something viral. I called back and asked someone to speak in English to me about whether or not something could be wrong with her and what we could do. I didn't understand how a persistant low grade fever was being written off as teething. It seemed wrong and I just felt like it is something more.

Dr. called me that evening himself and we talked about our options. He agreed that no it shouldn't be her teeth for this long. He actually told me that anything over 99 wouldn't be teeth. I've read so much differing advice on this so who knows. He said frankly it isn't normal, but he isn't really sure what to make of it. She is still acting fine and eating and sleeping and being normal otherwise. He said we can try an antibiotic to see if that helps. He kinda laughed while saying it. His words were "it's not the most scientific thing we could do, but maybe it will get rid of something that is going on in there." He said I can just continue to watch her and if she gets more sick than we'll know something is more wrong or he said he could refer us to a specialist. He laughed because he also said he didn't know what that specialist would be off the top of his head.

We opted to try the antibiotic for 10 days and see if that makes a difference. She is on a sulfa drug that covers everything. I was slightly hesitant at first for this drug because I am allergic to sulfa, but I want her to get better so badly that I am okay with watching for her to be allergic too. She started it on Wednesday night and as I type she has a 99.4 temp. Tonight will be three full days and I am not sure how soon it is supposed to get rid of an infection should there be one. The whole ordeal has been so nerve racking, and of course with Google's help, I have driven myself completely mad. High lympocytes can be indictive of other things too. I have feared since day one that something is wrong with my baby and I am praying so hard that my mother's intuition is just a crazy feeling of me overreacting because of all of the terribleness that I have witnessed the last year. Luci is such a sweet, happy, beautiful little baby and if anything is wrong with her I do not know what I would do.


Jeni said...

ack! poor Kendra! :(

is it scabies for sure? how contagious is it? what else do you have to do?

Poor Luce. :( I know that whole situation is driving you nuts.

Nathan, Amanda, Violet, Anara, and Edison said...

Oh man - poor girl!