Monday, June 1, 2009

Marching to the beat of my own drum

I have been spending way too much time online lately since we no longer have cable. I haven't been taking Luci up to bed and lying there for hours watching endless amounts of DVR'd shows.

That last sentence sounds like it should be an exaggeration. It's not. *sigh*

We got a HD antenna for our TV on Saturday and I am in awe of how well the local channels come in. The kids would really like to know what happened to SpongeBob and Hannah Montana. They are gone I tell you, gone, mmwwahhhahahaha. We had taken away all things Disney past playhouse disney in the a.m (gotta love Imagination Movers, right?), but now they really don't have the option in their face. PBS kids rules! Word Girl, here come the Bowlings.

We picked up our van today from the shop. Another $166 smackaroos. Does anyone actually say smackaroos anymore, or ever? It's still like a sauna, but we're having someone look at the windows hopefully tomorrow. I am hoping they can be fixed somehow or in someway. This van has given us many good years, but I am not pleased with it this month! I don't feel like I can safely put my kids in it to go anywhere except maybe to work/church three blocks away.

We've been making some changes to save the family some moolah. (again, moolah, really?) Jacob and I have always been terrible, I mean terrible, about budgeting our money. We never have enough to save (because we BLOW IT) and I am quite sure doctors bills will be caught up just in time for us to die. Well, all that has to change. We are being really, really tight with money right now. We cut the cable and we're lowing our phone plan for a while at the next billing cycle. This means I have to give up my awesome touch screen, facebook and email capable, with great games instinct and use a phone that will only let me talk and text! OH the horror! I guess if I can give up my DVR then I can check my e-mail the old fashioned way - with the wireless internet we steal from our neighbors! (for those who want to stop reading now because you could never read a thief's blog, our neighbors are our in-laws and they let us share - they even gave us the password, so it's cool)

We've put the girls back into cloth pretty much full time. I thought I had enough dipes for Luci but she's already outgrowing a lot of them. I need to move up her up an make some more mediums. I have plenty of prefolds, but daddy is still a little cloth challenged and fitteds are much nicer if I want any help in that department. I am going to attempt some night time pull-up type deals for Simeon. I also want to make some more larges for Alice. She's a hefty little chunk that one. She's average for weight, but someone inherited mommy's height. Being short and fat is cute now, but it's not when you've had four kids and enough stress to last you 45 years. (Not that I know or anything, I'm not short and fat...) I dread her life of comments like "Did you know you're short?" Yeah, people really said that to me. A lot. Being 4'11'' isn't a blessing. I'm still praying that Jacob's genes play more of a role than their gender at this point.

I am also trying to really manage the grocery bill. It's really hard when you're feeding a family of six. Especially when one is a teenage boy. I went to Save-A-Lot and saved a lot! (couldn't resist-sorry) SAL is a store here that is much like an Aldi's if you're not familiar. They seem to have less actual brand name items, but I could care less. There are very few things that I won't buy generic. It's all the same to me. Also when the price is over a dollar difference I can't hardly pay that. Jacob always says "it's only $1 more" Yeah, well only a dollar more on 50 items is $50 more I'm paying at Kroger. I'd been spending about $100-$110 at Kroger and/or Wal-Mart. I only spent $70 at SAL. I was impressed especially since that gives us meals for 8 nights and snacks and lunches for the days we're home. Anyway, it's a good start to living a little more in our means and finally paying off Dr. So and So who consulted with Dr. So and So on Jacob's ITP two years ago or Simeon's CT scans, or whatever.

All right, I'd love to type more but the 1st Conan tonight show is about to start and I have been waiting tooooo long to miss it! Adios!

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