Sunday, May 31, 2009

You Data

I just stumbled upon this while feeding Luci at 3am. I love the internet at 3am. I'd like sleep more, but you get what you get right? Anyway. Sign up for YouData. It's really easy and free. Click the link. It says I referred you. You sign up with a valid e-mail and a text to your phone. Also you need a paypal account. Basically after you get signed up they give you ads to click on. They pay you to look at the ads. I sat here for 15 minutes and I earned $2.34 It's not much but it will add up. Free money is free money. They deposit every week so no waiting around all month for your money. I'm pretty excited to give it a go. Reminds me of mypoints, which I also do and have claimed rewards from several times. I like free. I'm cheap what can I say.

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