Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mom Buzz

I just stumbled upon this giveaway from The Mom Buzz. They are giving away one V.Tech Cyber Pocket hand held educational gaming device.

Each of the contests I've entered I ask myself what would I do with that? Some I would use, some I would give away as gifts. This I think would be great for Simeon's 4th birthday in September. If I win then this is what he's getting for his birthday. If I don't, hey maybe I will win him something else. LOL We have a V. Smile system already and the kids love it. I know he would love this too.

Also, I entered to win a cloth diaper from Urban Fluff through the mom buzz. They have them in brown and pink! It doesn't get much cuter than that. I am trying to get both girls back in cloth diapers. I know it'll save us a ton since I am buying diapers ALL THE TIME. I would like to make a few more for Alice's size. I think I am ready to perfect my pocket diaper pattern... We'll see.

Also, if you have a moment check out Isn't their stuff too cute!

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Nathan, Amanda, Violet, Anara, and Edison said...

I sincerely hope that your pocket diapers are awesome. My mom and I spent a weekend a few years ago making our version of "Happy Heiny" pocket diapers. Ugh... They leaked like crazy. I ended up using them on Anara because we didn't need wetness protection. I really like the big fat flat diapers (because you can fold for tiny babies and use on ginormous babies) and plastic pants. Cheap cheap cheap, reliable and easy. There might be a better way but I have a huge basket of assorted sampler diapers and keep falling back on these. Good luck. Let me know how it works out. AND, I don't care what Kimberly Clark says - IT'S TONS CHEAPER!