Sunday, May 17, 2009

KnitPicks Giveaway

Jeni has been entering these giveaways from Things Moms Like and since I am an avid follower of hers on twitter, I now know about them too and hope to steal the prizes from her. :) This is by far the coolest one so far. A set of knitpicks harmony needles and four balls of their organic cotton yarn. I know I am a huge dork, my husband will confirm it, but I would be so happy if I won this. I know the chance is small, but I seriously don't think I can explain how happy I would be if I won this. My obsession with yarn is a sad one, but this yarn would be a lovely addition to my stash. And the needles. TO. DIE. FOR. I have a pair of the circulars in size 3 that I bought for a sock pattern a while back. They are just gorgeous. I seriously have goosebumps at the thought of actually winning this. You can check out the giveaway HERE and if you are a knitter, definitely enter yourself!

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