Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well another week has gone by. May is half over. Why is 2009 insisting on going by so quickly?

This morning I was allowed to sleep in and Alice decided to follow suit. Jacob woke me at 11 and after realizing that Alice was still in her bed and gone back to sleep I decided to wake her up so she didn't sleep the day away like me :) She sat on the potty for me, but wouldn't really wake up. She kept laying on my shoulder and trying to go back to sleep. I thought it was odd for a child that is usually chipper by 7am. She was sweating like her papaw, though it was warm in her room and she'd just woken up. After about 10 minutes though I started thinking, this is how Simeon acts when his sugar starts to get low. So I got his monitor from my bag and tested her. She did well, not even flinching at the finger prick. It was 62. Are you freaking serious? I know that this "problem" isn't much of one, but how can I have two children, 3 and almost 2 no less, that are hypoglycemic! Now of course I don't know she is for sure, but it's a fairly good guess at this point. I think I will do my own fasting test maybe on Thursday when we're home and I can control her intake. She had gone a while without eating, but her sugar still should have been more normal. It wasn't too dangerously low or anything, but should have been higher for sure. I am pretty surprised and baffled by the whole thing. This is the exact same age as Simeon was the first time he had an attack, though neither of them really fit the "profile" for ketonic hypoglycemia. His doctor told me to watch for it in the baby because it can be common in families (I was pregnant when we saw him last) and I didn't think much of it, but I guess I will now. Half my kids have it, I will be watching Luci like a hawk. Can anyone say frequent snacks at the Bowlings?

Also on a good note, Alice went pee and poo in the potty for the first time today. I have only been working with her a little until she moves to the 2 year old class at daycare. I think she will learn quickly once Miss Miriam gets her hands on her. I never have felt more like a goof-ball mom than the times I have sat by the toilet and cheered my children on as they went potty. The silly little things that people without kids would never understand. I wouldn't change it for anything. I never knew cheering for pee could be so rewarding.

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